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Lace Wedding Invitations


The Subtle and Stylish Designs of Lace Wedding Invitations

A wedding invitation is the precursor to the event itself. Many couples choose invitations that fit in with their wedding theme. There are a lot of great designs available to choose from including those made with lace. While there are definitely many romantic designs for invitations made with lace, there are also many designs that can reflect other themes.

Subtle and Stylish

The burlap and Lace wedding invitations have a casual appearance, which would be perfect for a rustic or country themed wedding. The subtle earth tone of the burlap is complimented by the white lace placed at each corner of the invitation. This style would also be ideal for people using earth tones in their wedding theme. The natural burlap fabric adds a nice texture to a homespun wedding invitation. This fabric can also be used to create a nostalgic type of invitation where the lace adds a bit more frill along one side of the invitation where the announcement is placed. A black and white photo of the happy couple is placed on the opposite side with the burlap.

Invitations with a Romantic Touch

Lace also adds a touch of romance to a wedding invitation when combined with the softer shades of cardstock or paper. Ivory is perhaps one of the more romantic colors used to enhance a wedding invitation. The ivory or cream colored cardstock could be enhanced with the addition of a delicate ivory lace placed along one side. The lace could also be embellished with a coordinating ribbon. The lace itself could be fashioned into a variety of designs to enhance the overall design of the invitation. It could be gathered to create the appearance of a lace flower or drawn together into a beautiful lace bow. Lace invitations also make great keepsakes for the guests who are invited. 


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